"Welcome Home to Vechsilla! Take it Easy!
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Waking Up

Vechsilla is an Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Server created by Vechs to act as a sister server to Super Hostile Online. Vechs has taken the server offline for now due to a lack of player activity on the server.


Vechsilla is the complimentary opposite of SHO, being a completely vanilla server with no special goal or challenge in mind. It is meant to provide players with an escape from the hardcore survival of SHO. Here, patrons simply play Minecraft the way they wish. All players who pledge $5 or more on Vechs' Patreon gain access to Vechsilla as well as SHO.


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PVP is only allowed at the PVP Arena

Like any server, Vechsilla has basic rules in place to ensure a satisfying experience for all players.

  • No Griefing or Stealing
  • Treat Others with Respect
  • Claimed Lands Should be 50 Blocks from Each Other
  • Only Prank with Permission; Leave Name, Clean Up
  • No Redstone Machines which Cause Lag; Player Must be Online when Using Machines
  • PVP is Only Allowed at the PVP Arena
  • All Farms and Grinders Adhere to a 100 Entity Maximum at Any Location at Any Time
  • Failure to Abide by the Rules will Result in a Warning, Tempban or Permaban

Notable Player Builds

2017-05-09 16.32.50

Lounge inside Institute 65

  • Nether Hub - by Vechsilla Community
  • PVP Arena - by geekofmanytopics, Chez and Kaz
  • Eventes and Institute 65 - by Empress Pyra and a buncha other people