Vexian Gallery
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Ember Castle


The Blackened Archive

The Vexian Gallery is a dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs. It is home to the brown wool, and leads to the final three dungeons.


Vexian Gallery is a giant room consisting of many quartz cubes filled with lava. There are no spawners, so mobs will only spawn naturally. The entrance to the dungeon is a railway from Cavern of Last Respite, and serves as an intersection leading to Zistonian Battlecry, Blackened Archive, and Eternal Battle (or Minor Conflict). At the beginning of the area, there is a sign saying that there is no need to bridge through the area, however, nearby is a chest filled with quartz building supplies, saying "If you're going to cheese it up, at least make it pretty." The "fun path" that Vechs intends the players to take leads to the Brown Wool fleecy box. In it there is not only the wool, but also a diamond sword and chestplate, and enchanted books. There is a sign saying "Thanks for taking the Fun Path <3".

As the brown wool dungeon, Vechs intends the wool to be very easy to obtain, though this one can be an arguable exception.

Points of Interest


  • Brown Wool


  • Enchanted Books
  • Diamond Sword
  • Diamond Chestplate
  • Quartz Building Supplies


Ep23 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Vexian Gallery - Brown Wool)20:42

Ep23 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Vexian Gallery - Brown Wool)

Vechs in Vexian Gallery

  • Potions of Fire Resistance are recommended, as there is a large amount of lava in the dungeon.

Leads to...

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