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Victory Monument

Victory Monument is an area in Sunburn Islands , a CTM map by Vechs


Victory Monument is a cave in the Starting Islands. The cave contains the Victory Monument, as well as two bases. The base on the right is 'Classic Storage Room' which was used in the original version of Sunburn Islands. The one on the left is the 'Improved Storage Room', which is almost the exact same storage room from Inferno Mines, in the Hallowed Overlook, with slight differences. The first and obvious one is that all the signs saying 'replace me with x' all the items are already placed. The other obvious change is the lack of a disposal unit. Finally, there is only one dispenser in the XP blaster, making it less efficient. There is also a redstone block underneath it, but this prevents it from working, so should be removed.

Points of Interest


  • Victory Monument


  • Double chest in classic storage room containing 6 beds, 20 glowstone, a stone sword and pick and an iron axe, 128 leather, 2 fishing rods, a birch sapling, 32 glass and 32 sandstone.
  • All chests, aside from the precious material, equipment and two of the Monster Drops chests are filled with appropriate loot.
  • Unlimited basic tools (all wood tools and a minecart)
  • A coal vein above the monument (shown on the photo)

Leads to...

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