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The Victory Monument Ruins

Victory Monument Ruins is an area in Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Victory Monument Ruins is a large pyramid-like structure where Charlie Expedition set up their base and dig site, while Alpha and Bravo Expeditions went further inland. Charlie Team's job was to study the fauna of the jungle. In the end, they most likely died due to a lack of food and resources, as their supply ship had sunk in the ocean. As the name suggests, this area is home to the Victory Monument.


Victory Monument

  • White Wool
  • Blue Wool


  • A chest containing 30 ladders, an iron sword, paper, books, a compass and a watch
  • A chest containing a Golden Apple, pumpkins, cactus, mushrooms, an apple, wheat seeds, wheat, sugar cane and saplings
  • A chest containing books, paper and a diamond hoe
  • A chest containing a full set of iron armor, an iron sword, 2 iron and 17 coal
  • A chest containing a golden axe, pickaxe and chest plate
  • A chest containing 5 cobblestone, 8 moss stone, 5 bricks, an iron ore block, a gold ore block, a redstone ore block, a diamond ore block, 3 stone, 25 soul sand, 4 obsidian, 40 glowstone blocks, 110 glowstone dust, and three wood blocks
  • A chest containing 27 saddles
  • A chest containing 2 gold ingots and a watch
  • A chest containing 4 stacks of arrows
  • A chest containing 12 stacks of clay balls, diamond leggings, 1 diamond, a stack of stone slabs, an iron door, two paintings, five string and four bowls
  • A chest containing 3 TNT, 3 stacks of sand, a stack of sandstone, and 17 gunpowder
  • A chest containing 4 stacks of arrows, a stone sword, a sheet of paper, 2 bones, a stack of brick blocks and a stack of ladders


  • Natural spawns


  • It would be best to try and find this area first, as it contains weapons, tools and armor as well as farming supplies, and even two wool
  • The blue wool is located under the dock leading to the ruins
  • The gold items have infinite durability, so try not to lose them

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