We All Burn is a dungeon in Waking Up, a map by Vechs.

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We All Burn is the purple wool dungeon in the Super Hostile map Waking Up. The dungeon consists mostly of a simple cave made primarily of netherrack. There are also several lava rivers. The primary monsters here are zombies, as there are many pockets of several spawners, both visible and hidden inside the walls. At the center of the cave is the fleecy box, over top of a void pit. Also, in the first half, there is a lavafall (visible on the photo), which contains chapter 15 at the top. Intersection 04 can be found at the end of this dungeon. The dungeon is built so that void fog will restrict your vision near and around the fleccy box.

Points of Interest


  • Purple Wool (27 pieces)
  • Chapter 15



  • Many, many zombie spawners
  • Lava and Void
  • Void fog


  • The easiest way to get through this area is to drink fire resistance potions and swim all the way in the lava river. This allows player to avoid fighting zombies (as long as you stay at the center); however, this would be extremely slow, and death is still possible via skeletons and creepers (and would result in losing your entire inventory).
  • Another way to avoid fighting is to bridge through the whole area. This is still quite risky, though, due to numerous zombie spawners in the ceiling and random skeleton spawns which could knock you off of your bridge. It also requires vast quantities of building blocks, though you can harvest most of them from the environment.
  • Using swiftness potions, it is possible to run across the whole area while avoiding most of the spawned zombies. However, there are some parts which require climbing, and this slowdown can easily lead to you being swarmed.
  • If you want to fight through the area, you should bring many Smite enchanted swords, Strength potions, and Efficiency enchanted pickaxes (or power miners) to destroy the spawners. Regeneration and healing potions are always useful, as well as fire resistance in case you get knocked into lava.
  • If you have already completed Frozen Venom, you can use the Flame Bringer to ignite the netherrack and conserve potions. Fire resistance potions will become much more important in this case.

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