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We All Float

We All Float is a dungeon in Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs.


We All Float is a massive underground lake in a set of caverns. The entrance is a small tunnel that leads to the 5x5 pool of water, which the player must swim through. There are several air pockets in the ground and in the ceiling, but the ones in the ground have 2 creeper spawners and the ones in the ceiling have potion dispensers. The path is lit up by glowstone, so the player can clearly see where they are going. In the centre of the dungeon is a big cave connecting to other smaller caverns. In the middle is an island with a brewing stand, and hidden in the floor of the lake is a secret path to the dungeon's chapter. The wool is located at the bottom of these caverns, and the entrance to the Cavern of Peace is found a short distance away.

Points of Interest


  • Light Blue Wool
  • Chapter 6



  • Brewing Stand


  • Creeper spawners in the floor air pockets.
  • Potion dispensers in the ceiling air pockets.
  • Drowning is very possible if the Diving Helmets are not worn.


  • If the player cannot find any ceiling air pockets, they can swim next to a wall and place a torch to create an air pocket around their head.
  • A boat can be used to travel the area quicker.
  • Placing glowstone on top of the stacked creeper spawners will disable them without messing up water currents.
  • Blocking while letting a creeper explode next to the spawners is a good way to destroy the spawners.

Leads to...

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