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West Commons

West Commons is a dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


West Commons is based on a desert. In the centre of the desert is a dormant volcano. Near the volcano is an ancient ruins made of mossy cobblestone, similar to the one in East Commons . This dungeon also leads to two other dungeons, Forlorn Rest and Swamp of Despair. There is a waterfall at the North side of the desert that goes up to the swamp. Near the waterfall is a giant crater going all the way down to just above the void. Scattered around the desert are ruined buildings with loot. This is also one of the few dungeons exposed to the sky.

Points of Interest


  • Lime Wool


  • The giant crater contains random loot chests, one of them containing diamond leggings, but two are blocked by bedrock and can only be accessed by destroying the chests.
  • Diamond shovel in ruins
  • Flint and Steel in ruins
  • Diamond Axe in the corner to the right of the entrance to the area
  • Diamond Axe, compass, clock and 2 stacks of leather on top of the volcano.
  • The spider pit contains a large amount of stone, which is a scarcity on the rest of the map.


  • Fun boxes in the ruins : one on 2nd and one on the 3rd floor (higher floor number means the deeper one)
  • Zombie Spawners (3 on the 1st floor of the ruins and 4 on the 3rd floor)
  • 2 Skeleton Spawners right next to the chest with the wool
  • Creeper Spawner on the 1st floor of the ruins
  • Spider Spawners (20 of them encased in bedrock inside the huge crater and 1 right next to the chest with the wool)
  • There is a lot of TNT below the floor of the tunnel leading to the actual duengon. Combined with 8 creeper spawners which are nearby it is capable of blowing up both player and the tunnel but creeper spawners will survive.
  • Another TNT trap activated by sand behind the cake (end of the tunnel) it also updates sand which is hiding a lava pit.
  • More hidden lava pits spread across the desert.


Leads to...


Secret Signs

Lonliest signs in the world

In the south-western corner of this location, above the map boundaries are 4 hidden signs with a message from Vechs. He tells that these signs are the loneliest in the world and he tells player "the truth" : Vechs doesn't hate the player and hopes he or she is enjoying the map. There is also a chest with diamond sword, 2 stone pickaxes, 3 cooked porkchops, 2 golden apples and 24 cookies.

Additionally, the spider hole contains a set of signs explaining that, back in Minecraft Beta 1.6.6, spiders were slowed down by cobwebs, and that the area would become significantly more difficult if that were to change (which it indeed has).