2017-01-04 09.34.50

The warp to Western Uncommons

Western Uncommons, sometimes referred to as West Commons, is one of the three main player areas in Super Hostile Online, an MMO server created by Vechs.


2017-01-08 22.18.02

The fishing hole

Western Uncommons is an enormous area made entirely of sandstone. With the exception of a few holes to let in sunlight, the entire area is covered by a ceiling that leaves most of the area completely dark. Despite this, no hostile mobs typically spawn in this area, as it is in a Void Biome. However, Ghostly Fishermen do occasionally spawn near the fishing hole. This area is intended by Vechs to be a peaceful building area, for players to create community builds or creative projects. Guilds or individual players may also set up shops here for other people to browse.

Points of Interest

2017-01-08 22.17.50

The fishing shack


  • Vast amounts of sandstone
  • A fishing hole for players to fish in, as well as a small hut that sells fishing rods


  • Ghostly Fishermen

Leads to...

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