Wilhelm Cliffs
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The Outer Inferno: Ember Castle

Wilhelm Cliffs is the Purple Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Wilhelm Cliffs is a dungeon dedicated to the Super Hostile LPer PaulSoaresJr due to his habit of editing in the Wilhelm Scream when he knocks enemies off of a cliff. At the start of the dungeon is a chest containing an iron sword with knockback II called Little Bonk, and a golden sword with knockback X named Big Bonk. The dungeon is based around climbing ladders to different floors and using the "bonkers" to knock the monsters off the cliff. There are, of course, dead ends, but most of these contain loot. The last part of the dungeon has a stack of a creeper riding a creeper riding a spider, and a fleecy box on a small island in the middle of the cave.

Points of Interest

Ep11 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Wilhelm Cliffs - Purple Wool)38:17

Ep11 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Wilhelm Cliffs - Purple Wool)

Vechs in Wilhelm Cliffs


  • Purple Wool


  • Little Bonk (Knockback II iron sword) and Big Bonk (Knockback X gold sword)
  • Bow supply chest (guarded by Thorn Guards and Wraiths)
    • Power V book x 3
    • Punch II book x 5
    • Flame I book x 5
    • Infinity I book x 5
    • Bow x 5
    • 64 Arrows x 5
  • Supply cache
  • Potions - Low
  • Zistonian Battlesign - Level 3
  • Enchanting Table and Anvil in a chest


  • 2 Zistykin spawners
  • Double-creeper jockeys
  • Wraiths
  • Level 1 Thorn Guards
  • Skeleton and creeper spawners
  • Creepers riding XP orbs (which will seek the player through a small slot in the wall)


  • Be careful around Thorn Guards, Wraiths, and Zistykins, as they can knock you off of the cliffs
  • Use the cliffs to your advantage to handle dangerous mobs.

Leads to...

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