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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderhell is an area in Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Winter Wonderhell is a snow-based area under the Victory Monument. The area is made out of snow blocks. As per its name, this is a very dangerous area to traverse, as there are many void pits hidden by snow coverings. If players fall through these, they have one very small chance to either place a block or Ender Pearl out. This area has 4 dungeons, similar to an Intersection. These are: Cold Cave, Balestein Castle, Sanctuary, and Jester Citadel.

Points of Interest



  • Bottomless pits hidden by snow


When moving through areas covered by thin snow, always sneak in order to avoid falling into bottomless pits. Placing torches (or other blocks) frequently can help locate the pits, as updating a single floating snow covering will cause the entire pit to be instantly revealed.

Several pits have floating sand at their bottoms, causing unprotected players to simply die of fall damage but potentially still be able to recover their items (as long as they do not attempt to place torches on the floor).

Leads to...

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