Zisteau (2)


Zisteau is a major Let's Player of Vechs' Super Hostile maps, and Minecraft in general. Many custom items, mobs and areas have been dedicated to him.


Zisteau started his Super Hostile career after receiving a PM from Vechs requesting a Lets Play of the original Sea of Flame. From there, Zisteau played The Kaizo Caverns, Legendary, did a multiplayer series of the original Infernal Sky, and was one of three beta testers for Inferno Mines. Zisteau is also a member of the Mindcrack server, as is Vechs.

Vechs often makes loot dedicated to Zisteau, such as the Zistonian Battlesign, Zistonian Space Program, and has a habit of leaving "manpance" and signs at the beginning of his maps. There are also dungeons dedicated to him, such as Giant Dumb Blast Zisteau Cavern and Zistonian Battlecry. Inferno Mines introduced the custom mob Zistykins, which are hostile zombie pigmen wearing leather pants and using Zistonian Battlesigns to fight. Zisteau has created maps himself, called Kill the Runner, and built the Calamity Town on the PlayMindcrack server.

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