Zisteau's Diamond Challenge
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Zisteau's Diamond Challenge

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Zisteau's Diamond Challenge is a small map created by Vechs, intended as a prank for Zisteau on the Mindcrack server. The map was available for download in the description of the second part of Zisteau's reaction, but the link has since been broken. The map can be considered either as a misc map or a Mini Hostile.


The map is made entirely out of blocks of emerald, but sections later on in the map will also be made of blocks of diamond. This map does not have dungeons or areas, the entire map is a dungeon in it's own right. At the end of the map is a fleecy box in the middle of a giant cavern, containing a book with the co-ordinates to a chest containing diamonds and gold located back on the Mindcrack Server (Obviously, players other than Zisteau are unable to get this).
Minecraft Mindcrack No24:03

Minecraft Mindcrack No. 77 - "Pigderp Diamond Challenge"

Zisteau plays the map

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