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Ep24 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Zistonian Battlecry - Red Wool)30:05

Ep24 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Zistonian Battlecry - Red Wool)

Vechs in Zistonian Battlecry

Zistonian Battlecry is the Red Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Zistonian Battlecry is a large, straight tunnel that is filled with many custom spawners. There are three paths to take, separated by rows of flaming netherrack: the left and right paths are composed of netherrack, silverfish bricks, and soul sand with a thin layer of lava underneath, while the center path is made of netherrack, floating sand, redstone lamps, soul sand, and holes leading to the Void. To prevent bridging, there are ghast spawners in the roof. There are 5 phases to the dungeon, each phase becoming increasingly difficult. After 4 phases are done, the fleecy box can be reached, but as soon as the player comes close to it, Screamers appear all over the room. After this, the player needs to either escape with the wool or kill the Screamers and harvest their loot.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool


  • 3 Blocks of Diamond
  • The screamers drop diamond, golden apples and XP bottles.


  • The first phase has a Vexian Witch Spawner and a Level 1Thorn Guard Spawner
  • The second phase has a Vexian Witch Spawner, a Level 2 Thorn Guard Spawner and a Level 2 Zistykin Spawner.
  • The third phase has a Vexian Witch Spawner, a Level 3 Thorn Guard Spawner, a zombie spawner, a spider spawner, a cave spider spawner, and 2 Player Assassin spawners next to the walls.
  • The 4th phase has a Vexian Witch Spawner, a Level 3 Thorn Guard Spawner, 2 Level 3 Zistykin Spawners, and a cave spider spawner.
  • The final phase begins when the player approaches the fleecy box. Many Screamers spawn all over the room.


  • Ender pearling into the spawners and using a Power Miner to destroy the spawners is a quick and efficient way to get through the dungeon.
  • You can also use fire resistance and speed II potions to rush the dungeon
  • Bring blocks to bridge with, as the floor is already partially destroyed and can be easily destroyed with creeper blasts.
  • It is safer on the outside edges, as lava is below the 1 thick floor as opposed to void. Using a fire resistance potion can help the player if they fall into this lava.


  • The "Zistonian Battlecry" is an utterance made by Zisteau around 5 minutes into Episode 49 of his Kaizo Caverns Let's Play series while being harrassed by Ghasts during his attempt to bridge toward the Red Wool. Both a sign at the entrance of this dungeon ("arriiiiidahdahdeeedeehdahdahdaaahhhh!!!!!") and the description of the "Screaming XP" item dropped near the end ("Aridididideedeedahdahhh!!!") bear approximations of this battlecry.
  • There are signs on the entrance to the Fleecy box designed to distract the player.

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