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Zistykins are custom pigmen that have speed buffs and spawn already angry. They are identified by their leather "manpance" and Zistonian Battlesigns. Due to pigmen spawning requirements, no amount of lighting a room will stop a Zistykin spawner, so care must be taken when dealing with these custom mobs.

All Zistykins spawn with a few seconds of Invisibility and Resistance VI, rendering them effectively invulnerable in order to prevent them from being farmed using fall damage. They are also buffed with Fire Resistance (which is redundant for Zombie Pigmen), presumably to give them potion effect particles and make them appear more dangerous.

Zistykins come in 3 varieties of progressively increasing difficulty:

Level 1

  • No additional potion effects
  • Unenchanted battlesign
  • Unenchanted manpance

Level 2

  • Speed I and Jump Boost I
  • Enchanted battlesign: Knockback I, Fire Aspect I
  • Unenchanted manpance

Level 3

  • Speed I and Jump Boost I
  • Enchanted battlesign: Sharpness II, Knockback II, Fire Aspect II
  • Enchanted manpance: Protection II

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